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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Penny Boards

Penny Skateboard are made here in Australia and are really fun. They are very small and can carve really well. They are great for going down monster hills, not at full speed. But because they can carve from left to right so easily. When I saw one for the first time I thought no way that is practical. But my mate was carving down this massive hill where there was a sharp corner. I had to slow down and stop to get around the corner just as I was approaching it. Where as he was just cruising down left to right the whole way. They are around $150-$200 (Australian Currency) and I would buy one for a novelty. I am more into medium or longboards. But these things are so much fun.

Here is a picture to give you guys a general idea of what they are like (Yes they are made from plastic)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Snow Skating

Hey Guys
I was looking at a snowboard film this weekend and they had a part where they were using boards similar to snowboards but without being strapped in. I looked into it and is a whole other sport entirely. The ones on the video I saw were really long and more like a longboard/cruiser than a normal skatie. Here is a video on people just mucking around on snow skateboards, which are the little ones and are more or less a normal skateboard with no wheels and you can pop your board really well. I am more interested in the longer boards that the smaller ones. As they are wider which provides more foot space and it would be easier to carve I imagine. The normal small ones are around $200 and look pretty fun. I am looking out for a long one though and I want to attach a leg rope to it. I might buy one for my next snow trip and let you guys know how it goes.

Here is a video for you guys to get a general idea. I will be uploading more snow skating videos (Hopefully the longer ones which are crazy and can get really good air)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wake Skating

I have never wake skated, however I have a friend who does and he has given me the general idea of it. It is basically wakeboarding without being strapped in or skateboarding on water. I want to give it a shot, I think I would loose my patience though as being a skater when I bail or stack (not to bad) just get back up and keep skating. Where as wake skating you would have to swim to shore or get picked up by the boat and get behind the boat again. I am sure once you get the hang of it, it is great and would make all those tricks like pop shuvit's and kickflips much more rewarding.

Here is a picture to give you a general idea. The board's have grip tape and you wear normal skate shoes under water (make sure you have a designated pair for Wake Skating)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Long Boarding

Long Boarding is really fun, I have a cruiser board my self and bomb the occasional hill and just skate around with my mates. I reckon all that really advanced longboard stuff where they do the varial flips and all that on these huge boards is pretty cool but it is not my scene anyway. I find the videos of bombing huge hills really crazy, as you have so much potential to eat shit when you are going that fast. But if you can avoid the death wobbles you are set. I am pretty interested in bombing big hills and have done my fair share of decent sized ones but to go down the really big hills it is best to have sliding gloves but I just tend to carve from left to right to pace myself down if I need to slow down.

Here is a weird Aussie longboard film/advert thing. I think it is pretty cool


Hey Guys
Just Starting out this new blog about everything boarding and what better to start it off with a snowboard/skateboard film